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Kakatpur (Mangala Devi Temple)

Located on the bank of river Prachi, Kakatpur is a small village situated 50 kms from the sacred city of Puri. This village is known for a famous temple dedicated to Goddess Mangala who is the presiding deity of Kakatpur village. This temple plays in significant role in its relation with Jagannath Temple. During the Navakalebara (renovation of deities), the high priests visit Kakatpur Mangala to seek directions for the sacred wood from which the deities are to be carved from.

According to the local belief, Goddess Mangala kept her hidden inside the Prachi River. She then came in a fisherman’s dream are advised him to take her out of the river and place her in a temple. The boatman dived into the water and was able to find the deity from the bed of the river.

How to reach Kakatpur (Mangala Devi Temple)

Kakatpur is located at a distance of 65 kms from Bhubaneswar and 50 kms from Puri on the Puri-Astaranga road. One can easily reach Kakatpur by commuting via bus or taxi. Famous tourist attractions in and around Kakatpur are Konark Sun Temple, Kuruma, Chaurasi, Chandrabhaga, Ramachandi, Beleswar and Balighai.

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Published Date: June 30, 2016
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